African American and Female-Owned Tech Company ‘Urrgent Technology’ Angles for Position in Big-Tech Market – Debuts New Social App ‘StoopUp’ and New Platform ‘’

Parent company Urrgent Technology recently announced a launch into the big-tech space, unveiling two inaugural digital platforms: StoopUp and StoopUp serves as a free social-networking app where users can post content, buy and sell, exchange ideas, and network; with users encouraged by the platform to engage with good vibes to see their profile positive-energy increase in real-time, and earn rewards from those interactions within the “Neighborhood.” caters to freelancers in the modern gig economy, as the online platform creates opportunities for more people of color in an ever-increasing digital-labor workforce. is set apart by a “Fast + Quality” standard for its freelancers and rewards them with a commission-free digital marketplace allowing visionaries to get jobs done in three days or less – with an expected level of excellence. Both platforms are designed to empower the entire community. StoopUp is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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