African American and Female-Owned Tech Company ‘Urrgent Technology’ Angles for Position in Big-Tech Market – Debuts New Social App ‘StoopUp’ and New Platform ‘’

Parent company Urrgent Technology recently announced a launch into the big-tech space, unveiling two inaugural digital platforms: StoopUp and StoopUp serves as a free social-networking app where users can post content, buy and sell, exchange ideas, and network; with users encouraged by the platform to engage with good vibes to see their profile positive-energy increase in real-time, and earn rewards from those interactions within the “Neighborhood.” caters to freelancers in the modern gig economy, as the online platform creates opportunities for more people of color in an ever-increasing digital-labor workforce. is set apart by a “Fast + Quality” standard for its freelancers and rewards them with a commission-free digital marketplace allowing visionaries to get jobs done in three days or less – with an expected level of excellence.  Both platforms are designed to empower the entire community. StoopUp is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

“Breaking into the big-tech market is difficult, to say the least. But breaking in as a woman of color has its own particular challenges. You have to start with a unique and innovative product, and that product has to include both heart and vision. StoopUp and are my answers,” said Urrgent Technology founder, Shantell “Charisma” Graham. “We’re not reinventing the wheel but we are headed in a more positive direction for the end-users. Two separate platforms – each bringing a conscientious, user-first standard, because we have to work and uplift each other as a whole. allows users to market their skills in a safe space, without the platform taking a major bite of their profits. While at StoopUp, users can share content or connect and support one another, all while knowing that we always put them first. So many social media apps and freelancing platforms are just mining their users – treating them as nothing more than a monetized pool of advertising dollars and valuable data. That’s not us. Our users are people – and we treat them as such.”

StoopUp: Social Media With a Heart

StoopUp allows users to buy/sell, share videos and photos, and build a digital “Neighborhood” of like-minded individuals on a platform that fosters community activity and promotion by rewarding users who uplift each other. Users earn rewards for daily Positive Energy and StoopUp Contributions. StoopUp relies on four foundational pillars for its success:

  1. The Promise: StoopUp was developed to let people support the things they love and be supported in turn. This is a human-driven experience, not a revenue-driven experiment. And there is absolutely no data-mining or hidden algorithms.
  2. The Neighborhood: Creating together, the StoopUp Neighborhood uplifts each member. StoopUp is the catalytic conscious creative, capturing-everyday-moments kind of social media.
  3. The End Game: StoopUp was specifically engineered with marginalized users in mind. And that is why StoopUp aims to implement revenue sharing systems that benefit the entire social network.
  4. The Vibe: Pure creativity, positivity, and productivity.

To learn more and stay informed about the latest digital solutions from Urrgent Technology, visit them online. Support StoopUp on social media: #ONTHESTOOP @stoopup or and explore via social media: StoopUp and Facebook @urrgentfreelancers.

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Urrgent Technology is a metro-Atlanta, Certified Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) that provides managed services, consulting, and web/mobile/software development solutions to commercial, not-for-profit, and government organizations. We are dedicated to uplifting underrated people, positioning them to partake in the economic wealth of technology that advances their communities. Learn more at:

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