AEVOLVE, AG Partners with MPECT Inc. to Provide Healthcare Innovators with Proactive Global Compliance Support

AEVOLVE, AG, a new firm using the blockchain investment platform to support innovative medical research announced today that it has established a strategic partnership with MPECT, Inc., a pioneer in the use of Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to provide those in the healthcare sector with constantly evolving compliance and regulatory information and systems.

The partnership will support the work of those engaged in medical research throughout the world with the latest information on various government regulations relating to this rapidly changing sector, collectively provide a platform for those in the research community to collaborate on the latest guidelines, and constantly protect patients who benefit from these projects.

“As AEVOLVE, AG prepares to welcome investors into the process of supporting the world’s most promising research projects in the healthcare sector, it’s important to us that we provide all participants with state-of-the-art compliance and regulatory information and support. It was imperative for us to find a partner that shares this commitment, and our vision for the transformation of medical R&D. With our many years of combined experience in technology and life sciences, AEVOLVE, AG and MPECT, Inc. are ideally suited for this kind of collaboration,” said Mark Chester, COO, AEVOLVE, AG.

Patients will benefit from the fact that those engaged in medical research conduct their work in compliance with the very latest guidelines and protocol, and those at every level of the research and innovation process will be supported in collaborating and sharing their best practices and their latest insights.

“To support those currently engaged in medical research that will benefit millions of people worldwide in the years to come, it is no longer acceptable for those in the healthcare sector to approach regulations and compliance in a reactive mode.  Instead, a proactive approach to compliance is now essential – and at MPECT, we share the vision of AEVOLVE, AG in creating a new, supportive environment that will allow life-saving solutions to emerge,” said Manoj Karamchandani, founder and CEO of MPECT, Inc.

Consistent with the shared vision of these two innovative companies, an appreciation for blockchain technology is an essential part of their work. “The transparency provided by the use of blockchain reflects the spirit of collaboration and innovation that is essential to the creation of new medical solutions,” added Mark Chester, AEVOLVE, AG’s COO.

Both companies envision major developments in moving their work forward in Q4, and share an excitement of all that promises to emerge from their shared vision.