Brand-New Networking App to Change the Way of Finding Collabs with Like-Minded People

According to research conducted by Devopal, collaboration is to be known as one of the most powerful marketing tools. It saves time and money, gives you an opportunity to learn from others, and lets you get to those that may not necessarily be within your target market yet. But is it easy to find a decent collaboration partner nowadays?

FindUpp Saves Time

Sending DMs with no replies, getting into the spam folder, receiving that cold “not interested”… If all that sounds familiar, it means you know how much time and effort it takes to find a valuable connection. Luckily, it looks like there’s a solution for that.

An IT team Devopal created a networking app called FindUpp, which helps to find partners much easier. They focus only on brands, meaning that only small businesses or talents (personal brands) can join it. Although, the main thing is that you save time by using the filter to sort out other profiles by city, type, and interests, all at once. This lets you avoid unnecessary information noise by controlling what you see.

FindUpp’s purpose is to help find brands engaged in the same field as you. It functions similar to a digital bulletin board. When you sign up, you create your profile and it’s then being organized into categories along with others. In such a way, you not only promote what you do but find others to connect with as well.

And it’s easy to do that because the app’s search appears to be simplified but specific enough. The most convenient thing – every brand’s profile includes its interests. This gives you a clear understanding of whether a person is here for new connections, providing service, or just exposure. You can contact them directly on FindUpp and propose a brand to brand collaboration just like that!

Even so, you are not restricted to staying on the platform to keep connecting. That’s because you’ll see other brands’ social networks on their profile, as well as direct contacts in some cases. The app offers you a chance to find a partner easier while it also gives you freedom to choose the way of collaboration.

Brands Are Joining

We noticed that more and more brands are joining the platform and we have already found some impressive creators like surreal artists, techno music producers, and life coaches. It seems that a small community has already gathered, so it’s a perfect time to join if you want to take a good starting step in getting out there.