SmartPM(TM) Technologies to Deliver Advanced Schedule Analytics to AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem and Risk Engineering Team

SmartPM™ Technologies, Inc., a leading project analytics company for the construction industry, has teamed up with AXA XL’s North American Construction insurance business. With SmartPM™, both AXA XL and its clients will be able to improve visibility and transparency into project performance, risk and delays resulting in less cost overruns, schedule impacts and resultant claims.

“By combining the traditional construction risk engineering experience with the power of SmartPM’s project scheduling analytics, our team is able to achieve greater operational insight — enabling us to provide our clients with more focused service and benchmarking data than ever before,” said Rose Hall, AXA XL strategic operations manager for risk engineering.

SmartPM was recently chosen by AXA XL as a new data-driven technology to support its next-generation construction risk engineering strategy. Over the coming months, SmartPM Technologies will provide comprehensive system training to prepare AXA XL’s construction risk engineers to use the technology with clients in the field. “Starting with SmartPM’s analysis of schedule-related performance risks, we then bake in our risk engineers’ deep construction experience to provide tailored and targeted feedback to our customers on how best to mitigate and manage their unique risks,” said Rose Hall, AXA XL strategic operations manager for risk engineering.

In addition, SmartPM will be featured in AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem, the first digital platform of its kind that will help clients manage and reduce risk with curated innovative construction technologies. The Construction Ecosystem leverages these technologies to monitor and aggregate data that provide contractors, developers and owners with unique insights and risk management tools.

“AXA XL is leading the charge in identifying the best-in-class solutions for managing risk in the construction industry, and we are excited to join their ecosystem as a top choice in project analytics,” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM Technologies. “Not only will the SmartPM schedule analytics platform be made available to its client base at a discounted rate, but it will be deployed to AXA XL’s internal underwriting, risk and claims management teams.”

Construction Ecosystem is available to select AXA XL customers, with wider access scheduled for later in 2020. For more information about AXA XL, visit

About SmartPM™ Technologies
SmartPM™ Technologies was designed by industry experts with one mission in mind: to provide stakeholders with the tools necessary to effectively control cost and schedule and keep projects off the path toward disputes. SmartPM provides the only cloud-based, project analytics software solution designed specifically for the construction industry. It is a first-of-its-kind, full-service project analytics system that extracts information from other project management platforms and converts it into meaningful insights, which ultimately minimizes risk of cost exposure related to delays and overruns. For more information, please visit