CarNow Launches Advanced Desking and Showroom Additions to its Real-Time Retail™ Platform

CarNow, the automotive industry’s leading digital retailing and messaging platform, today announced the general availability of next generation desking and showroom solutions within its comprehensive Real-Time Retail platform that create a more frictionless and responsive car buying experience for customers and seamlessly connect online and in-store shopping processes.

CarNow has launched advanced desking and showroom additions to its Real-Time Retail™ platform.

CarNow’s desking solution transforms the real-time communication required between a salesperson and the desking manager into a digital experience with just a few clicks. This enables a salesperson to remain present with the customer while a manager assists with the deal. The desking functionality also allows a salesperson to present multiple options to a customer in real-time with the power to simultaneously compare vehicles, lenders with different down-payment options, and more.

“Our focus is on simplifying the car-buyer journey by building intuitive technologies that elevate the shopping experience for consumers and dealers alike,” said Tim Cox, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at CarNow. “Converting the desking process into a virtual, real-time workflow empowers the sales team to keep customers engaged, provides increased transparency, and ultimately leads to higher customer trust. Real-time desking unifies the virtual and physical showrooms with continuity and transparency in deal terms.”

Built directly into Real-Time Retail, desking is a single-workspace experience that provides fast and efficient workflows with minimal scrolling and tabbing. This gives the desking manager increased flexibility that leads to higher margins through deal customization and faster closing times.

CarNow’s new showroom solution merges the virtual and in-store showroom experiences into a seamless process. While nearly all customers begin their experience with a dealership online, a majority still complete the car buying process in-store. With CarNow’s showroom solution, customers are empowered to easily continue in the store where they left off online as a result of the salesperson having instant access to the deal jacket and any financing or trade-in details. This entire process lives directly within CarNow’s Real-Time Retail platform.

“The Real-Time Retail platform has been a revolutionary tool for dealers by helping them transform the way they connect with shoppers,” said Paul Chae, SVP of Product at CarNow. “These powerful new offerings further push dealers into the digital era, removing frustrating and cumbersome aspects of the car buying experience, while offering time savings and more enjoyable shopping experiences.”

These solutions are now generally available and included with CarNow’s Real-Time Retail platform, giving dealers access to the benefits of these tools and more within a single workplace and without the need to log in to multiple software solutions.

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