CereTax and OneBill Software Partner to Give Telecom Companies an Unmatched Integration for Sales Tax Automation and Billing Management

CereTax, the sales tax automation platform, and OneBill Software, the modern agile billing and monetization platform, announced their integration and partnership, which will transform the way telecommunications businesses handle their sales tax automation, along with their billing and subscription management.

CereTax and OneBill Software announce their integration to help companies with their sales tax and billing management.

The integration between the CereTax and OneBill platforms will give companies the flexibility and scalability not found in many modern billing and sales tax solutions. This versatility is a must-have for the communications industry with the expansion of the “as a Service” marketplace and the abundance of new regulations that obstruct the day-to-day financial operations of businesses.

“This integration was built with the limitless scalability needs of the communications market in mind. The complexity of the communications industry compounds over time and we needed a powerful integration that could manage the difficulty of both subscription and billing management along with sales tax automation. This integration would not have worked without a revolutionary true-cloud sales tax platform that was built to manage that complexity and the world-class billing and subscription management platform that OneBill has established,” said Brent Reeves, Co-Founder and CRO of CereTax.

The vast telecommunications, sales tax, and billing expertise on both teams created a partnership and integration that is a game changer for the communications marketplace and other multi-vertical industries. This partnership was built not only for the integration but also to change the way the billing and sales tax automation process is done for finance departments everywhere.

“We are thrilled to partner with CereTax to empower our Communications Industry customers with the capability to efficiently and effectively keep on top of their sales taxation obligations. It is another way that we can ensure that the revenue stream for businesses can remain airtight,” said JK Chelladurai, Founder and CEO of OneBill.

The CereTax and OneBill partnership will make a massive difference in how finance departments handle the ever-evolving world of billing and subscription management alongside the multivariate world of sales tax management. Learn more at CereTax.com and OneBillSoftware.com