Clearwave and Unlimited Systems Announce Specialty Healthcare Partnership

Clearwave, an industry leader in patient self check-in technology, and Unlimited Systems, a leading revenue cycle application provider for specialty healthcare whose Oncology-specific workflow tools are the category leader for cancer centers, today announced a partnership to streamline and improve the experience of Oncology patients across the United States. The combination of Unlimited Systems’ extensive customer footprint with Clearwave’s modern self check-in systems will create a faster, more efficient registration and billing process for patients, staff and physicians.

Patient wait times continue to increase at cancer centers nationwide. Multiple treatment modalities are consolidating under one roof resulting in higher facility volumes with longer wait times and greater demand for staff attention. Clearwave’s electronic patient self check-in systems have proven to save 20% of practices’ administrative hours and shorten patient wait times to an average of one minute or less for returning patients. Through its partnership with Unlimited Systems, Clearwave plans to expand its footprint and achieve these same results in the Oncology sector.

“Partnering with a practice management system focused on Oncology is key to our growth and, more importantly, our ability to offer patients the best experience possible,” said Mike Lamb, Chief Executive Officer at Clearwave. “Unlimited Systems is the best out there. By combining our skillsets, Clearwave will be able to help front-end staff handle increasing patient volume, while moving patients through their visits with ease.”

Unlimited Systems has spent more than 16 years focused within the Oncology sector. Over that time, growth in patient volume as a result of practice consolidation has restricted the ability to provide a customized experience for patients with different conditions – patients seeking cancer treatment often have differing needs than those seeking preventative care. The partnership with Clearwave aims to improve the experience for patients and medical professionals alike.

“Cancer patients often visit their Oncologist multiple times per month. Process delays create unnecessary stress for a person going through an incredibly difficult time,” said Brian Gockerman, President of Unlimited Systems. “We’re confident that our partnership with Clearwave will enable customers to reduce patient wait times and facilitate the flow of information from patients to physicians, which ultimately improves the overall quality of care.”

About Clearwave
Clearwave is the premiere self-service check-in solution for the medical industry. Clearwave enables fast, flexible and effective patient check-in experiences while improving practice economics and performance. For over 16 years, Clearwave has serviced healthcare practices with a comprehensive check-in solution, the patient check-in kiosk and Mobile Pre-Check™, to improve insurance verification workflows, increase revenue collections and improve data access. Clearwave is committed to improving the customer and patient experience and enables customers, partners, investors and the community to achieve their goals. Clearwave is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and is backed by Frontier Growth. For more information on Clearwave, visit

About Unlimited Systems
Unlimited Systems is a software development company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio for the past sixteen years focused on financial management solutions for specialty healthcare.  More than 3,000 Oncology providers already utilize Unlimited’s software to effectively drive their front office and revenue cycle operations and better support patient care. Unlimited Systems is committed to ensuring that specialty healthcare providers thrive in a dynamic reimbursement environment. The organization takes pride in knowing that their efforts directly impact the lives of cancer patients and the effectiveness of cancer centers across the nation. Learn more about Unlimited Systems by visiting