CORE-CCO Continues to Expand Relationship with BasisCode Compliance

CORE-CCO, LLC (, a compliance consulting firm specializing in providing comprehensive outsourced solutions to privately- managed funds including private equity and hedge funds, announced that it has been migrating a large number of its fully outsourced clients onto the BasisCode Compliance LLC software platform.

BasisCode Compliance ( is the industry’s most comprehensive software platform that improves compliance management for financial firms, compliance consultants, law firms and other service providers. The software simplifies and centralizes compliance management, ranging from compliance testing and risk assessment to trading surveillance, insider trading and staff certifications. BasisCode Compliance’s software is the platform of choice for the country’s leading compliance consulting firms.

“Since the firm’s inception in 2011, CORE has served a specific niche of private fund firms based primarily in Texas with outsourced compliance solutions custom-tailored to each firm’s different needs,” said Doug Shippee, co-founder and chief financial officer of CORE-CCO. “We provide a high-touch, fully outsourced solution for many of our clients, and for others, a less intensive but still customized service that fits each firm’s needs.”

“CORE first adopted the BasisCode platform in late 2018, and over the course of the last 15 months, we have migrated many of our fully outsourced clients onto the platform. BasisCode Compliance’s software has become an integral part of our offering to clients, and they appreciate the ease-of-use that the platform provides as well as its multi-dimensional features. We view our clients as long-term partners, and we have established the same trust in our relationship with BasisCode,” said Shippee.

“We are very pleased with how our relationship with CORE has grown since it first introduced our platform to their clients,” said BasisCode Compliance President and CEO Carlos Guillen. “We have been responsive to their clients’ needs and our service model accommodates them well. CORE has provided us with excellent feedback, and we’ve established a very strong partnership together.”

CORE-CCO, LLC partners with leading and emerging private fund firms, primarily based in Texas, and provides high quality outsourced compliance resources and expertise designed to be an integral part of a client’s daily operations. CORE’s senior management team consists of a unique mix of compliance, regulatory, investment, back office and business experience that complements every aspect of our private fund clients’ businesses. Based in Dallas, CORE serves more than 60 clients with approximately $25 billion of assets under management.

About BasisCode
BasisCode Compliance LLC (, headquartered in Atlanta and founded in 2011, is a leading provider of regulatory compliance software solutions which help manage the risk lifecycle from identification to resolution. From core compliance to personal trading and insider trading, each BasisCode software solution is available as a stand-alone product or offered as part of an integrated package. The company’s hallmark, audit-ready capability is available in all BasisCode solutions and helps firms maintain a culture of compliance.

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