Sharecare Launches COVID-19 Readiness Solution to Help Employers Manage Well-Being of Their Workforces

Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced Well-Being@Work, Sharecare’s comprehensive COVID-19 readiness solution. Integrated into Sharecare’s robust health management and engagement platform, Well-Being@Work empowers U.S. employers to address the evolving emotional, educational, clinical and operational challenges introduced by the pandemic, while equipping their employees with tools and resources to stay safe and build resilience, whether continuing to work remotely or returning to the physical workplace.

“Although the ultimate goal of enabling employees to safely return to the workplace is clear, the path for getting there is less certain for many organizations – and that’s further complicated by the daily information overload that is often complex and contradictory,” said Jeff Arnold, founder, chairman and CEO of Sharecare. “A successful return-to-work strategy requires more than just a particular testing protocol; we have to create a new culture of well-being that can adapt and evolve over time while empowering each individual to build resilience and foster longevity. We are committed to helping everyone stay safe against the threat of the pandemic, while equipping our government, employer and health plan partners to work toward recovery as a key component of their comprehensive well-being strategies.”

Having spent nearly a decade building the infrastructure, resources and partnerships to support massive shifts in population health and community well-being, Sharecare has a unique vantage point on this pandemic. In March, the digital health company launched a centralized destination – which recently took Gold in the Digital Health Awards – for the general public to easily access the latest developments, medically verified guidance, tools and programs to keep them informed and safe against COVID-19. The original content, resources and programs Sharecare developed in rapid response to COVID-19 across a breadth of topics – from stress and financial management, to public health and safety best practices – earned the company three additional Digital Health Awards. 

Through Well-Being@Work, these tools, programs and content, among other new features, are now available to Sharecare’s enterprise partners. Sharecare’s new COVID-19 readiness solution covers three distinct areas of focus to support U.S. employers throughout the pandemic and beyond, including:

  • Assessment & triage: Empowers employers with a real-time perspective on the overall health and safety of their workforce; while providing employees with a simple and convenient way to track their health status on a daily basis and gain confidence that their colleagues are doing the same. Components include:
    • Readiness survey: Developed in partnership with Dr. Sandro Galea, dean of the Boston University School of Public Health; assesses employees’ willingness to resume activities and what will make them feel safe at work.
    • Daily screener & digital health pass: Securely monitor an employee’s health; employer receives reporting status and test results for each employee as well as aggregated data.
      • Daily screener: Clinically validated. Provides employees with a personalized COVID-19 report to view daily entries and monitor progress; locate nearby testing sites by state and county; and see lab results from employer-ordered COVID-19 tests.
      • Health pass: Secure QR code-powered certification within the Sharecare app, validating each employee’s health status as part of an organization’s return to work protocol.1
    • Telehealth integration: Enables employers to seamlessly integrate Sharecare’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution or other third-party telehealth solutions.
  • Testing & tracking: Provides a decision framework to ensure a safe, confident return to work for an employer and their employees. Features include:
    • COVID-19 testing: Searchable database of all available sanctioned and credible testing options. Sharecare, in conjunction with testing and diagnostic service providers, guides employees through the process to understand if they need to get tested, which test is appropriate, where to get tested, and their results, which are privately available to them within the Sharecare app.
    • Contact tracing: Uses low-emission Bluetooth readings between mobile phones over time to approximate the proximity and duration of an encounter between Sharecare app users who opt-in.2 Privately notifies individuals who may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
    • Reporting and analytics: Status and risks for each employee, including results of positive COVID-19 tests and exposure events. Additional dashboards can be segmented by geography, worksite locations, and segmentation tactics applicable to the organization; as well as real-time and actionable reporting analytics providing clients with insights on population outcomes.
  • Build & maximize resilience: Tools and resources to foster resilience by addressing the emotional, physical and financial challenges that many employees encounter during the pandemic and as they return to work, including:
    • Interactive map: Measures and monitors the progression of COVID-19 cases and mobility data across the country, down to a county-by-county basis.
    • Anxiety management: From its voice-based stress tracker to the award-winning relaxation and mindfulness videos, Sharecare has multiple tools to help people manage stress. Most recently, Sharecare acquired a digital therapeutics company founded by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Jud Brewer and whose suite of apps, including Unwinding Anxiety, are clinically proven to positively affect long-term behavior change.
    • Financial protection: Sharecare provides employees direct access to SmartDollar, an online program designed to help them get on a budget, save for emergencies, pay off debt, and start investing so they can retire with confidence.

Sharecare has integrated these capabilities into its comprehensive digital platform currently available to 30 million covered lives. By offering an even more robust solution, Sharecare is ideally positioned not only to support the health and well-being of its client partners and their employees in the face of the pandemic but also to enable them to return to work safely when the time is right. For more information about Sharecare’s Well-Being@Work program, please visit or contact us at [email protected].

About Sharecare
Sharecare is the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place. The Sharecare platform provides each person – no matter where they are in their health journey – with a comprehensive and personalized health profile where they can dynamically and easily connect to the information, evidence-based programs and health professionals they need to live their healthiest, happiest and most productive lives. In addition to providing individual consumers with direct access to award-winning and innovative frictionless technologies, scientifically validated clinical protocols and best-in-class coaching tools, Sharecare also helps providers, employers and health plans effectively scale outcomes-based health and wellness solutions across their entire populations. To learn more, visit

1 Utilization of the health pass is a permission-based process in which an employee would provide consent for Sharecare to obtain test results from an accredited health system or lab.

2 This information is stored on one’s phone for 21 days on a rolling basis — anything beyond is deleted. Individuals must have downloaded the Sharecare app on their smartphone and opt-in to use this functionality.