DataSeers Partners with Central Payments

Atlanta-based fintech DataSeers, Inc. today announced a partnership with Central Payments, the South Dakota-based payments division of Central Bank of Kansas City, to expand the bank’s end-to-end use of big data and streamline data flow for fintech partners in the payments ecosystem.

Central Payments will use FinanSeer, DataSeers’ premier SaaS, to clean, prep, and analyze transactional data before conducting full data reconciliation, compliance scans, fraud detection, and 360-degree analytics.  FinanSeer uses both machine learning and proprietary AI algorithms to identify, resolve, and prevent issues directly tied to data complexity.  It handles multiple data sources, co-relating the information and providing actionable intelligence.

“This partnership couldn’t come at a more perfect time,” says DataSeers CEO, Adwait Joshi.  “FinanSeer’s new and updated version, 2.0, is preparing for release as we speak.  We are excited to launch the new version alongside the beginning of this promising business relationship.”

“Connecting our CPX open API platform to multiple providers to offer our partners choice in all major functions required us to manage and normalize vast amounts of divergent data so we can efficiently perform our function as an issuer,” said Trent Sorbe, Founder and President of Central Payments. “DataSeers’ solution will be an integral to the success of CPX and our objective to empower our partners to focus on user experience and customer acquisition while we provide a leading banking-as-a-service platform.”

The FinanSeer 2.0 release marks a great improvement for an already impressive product.  Version 2.0 is not only more than 10x faster than the previous release, but the software’s algorithms have matured over time, offering even greater levels of efficiency and security.  DataSeers has added a host of additional features including a new UI, better security and encryption standards, and full integration with LexisNexis Risk Solutions on KYC/KYB, PEP, sanctions and OFAC, and more. This valuable partnership with one of America’s most trusted database corporations has allowed DataSeers the ability to offer exemplary data services, exceeding the capabilities of any of its competitors.

About Central Payments and Central Bank of Kansas City
Central Payments operates as the payments division of Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC) and administers debit/prepaid card and funds disbursement programs with some of the most recognized companies and fintechs in payments.  As an early adopter of banking-as-a-service, Central Payments has ascended to the fastest growing prepaid card issuer since 2015.  The recent announcement of the organization’s new CPX open-API platform and its launch of the Falls Fintech accelerator solidifies Central Payments as a leader in bank-fintech partnerships. Visit for more information. Member FDIC.

About DataSeers
Atlanta-based DataSeers has engineered a unique solution for effectively harnessing complex data. Its FinanSeer software is AI-powered and specifically designed to help banks and payments companies greatly improve their reconciliation, compliance, fraud detection and analytics. In 2018, DataSeers was recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia as one of its “Top 40 Technology Companies.” LexisNexis has also awarded DataSeers for creating a “Truly Unique Solution” which utilizes their HPCC technology. Most recently, DataSeers was among Atlanta Inno‘s 2019 “50 on Fire” companies in Georgia. For more information, visit or follow it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.