DocNow Launches New Mobile App, Improving Patient Experience, Accuracy, And Value

DocNow has recently launched the new version of the practice growth mobile and desktop app to provide an enhanced user experience. The AI-driven mobile booking platform added a number of value propositions for patients and practitioners including multiple unique features and functionality to cater to the “modern” patient. Since inception, DocNow has provided an easier way of connecting patients to practitioners with the convenience of smart features that simplify the process of seeing a provider by automating appointment booking. The new app contains even more features that improve patient experiences beyond its original offerings, thanks to their innovative technology team.

DocNow differentiates itself from competitors by offering an all-inclusive app, with everything a patient needs to find; local practitioners, reviews from current patients, appointment booking in three easy clicks, HIPAA-compliant details for record-keeping, as well as taking advantage of major savings on all healthcare services provided at participating urgent cares.

Upgrades to the app include a map locator for local hospitals and their contact information, including children’s hospitals – which many parents and guardians struggle to identify with Google searches alone; and continuously updated and accurate information on thousands of practitioners in your local area, vetted by a dedicated team of DocNow data analysts. Patients can request in person or Telehealth consults at the tip of their fingers and at the time of their convenience.

“We are committed to improving the lives of patients, while also building and streamlining medical practices throughout the country,” said Frank Wasti, CEO of DocNow. “Our strategy is to continually improve the patient-provider experience and change the way healthcare is delivered and received in the United States. By adding these updates to our mobile app, we maintain our promise to provide a user-friendly experience, and lessen the difficulties in finding the right practitioner for every individual and their unique needs,” he added.

The DocNow app is completely free to download and to utilize its many features. Along with the upgrades mentioned, DocNow provides services for patients including DocNow Plus, an exclusive membership program in which patients are able to visit the urgent care and receive thirty-percent off of the practice’s self-pay rates, each and every time.

For more information about DocNow, please visit and download the free mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

About DocNow

DocNow is the first AI-driven mobile booking platform with Telehealth features designed to generate revenue for healthcare practitioners by seamlessly managing appointments, backfilling cancellations, promoting practices and expanding patients’ footprints. DocNow charges no booking fees to physicians, and fully integrates with existing EHR/EMR systems.  

Media Contact: Lindsey Kostura | [email protected]