Dragonfly Financial Technologies Launches New Composable Digital Business Banking Solutions to Modernize the Customer Experience

Banking-as-a-Service solutions empower banks of all sizes to provide a superior customer experience, quickly introduce new services and help banks compete with FinTechs

Dragonfly Financial Technologies Corp., a digital banking and treasury management FinTech, today announced new deployment options for its Universal Online Banker platform to help banks quickly and efficiently deliver superior digital-first business banking services at scale and compete with FinTechs offering competitive solutions.

The Universal Online Banking platform is the only composable banking platform on the market purpose-built for today’s digital and embedded business banking needs. Because the Dragonfly platform is designed for ultimate flexibility, agility and ease of use, customers can choose the implementation option best suited for the needs and size of the bank and their corporate clients. These options include:

  • Dragonfly Digital: For banks that want fully featured UI “out of the box” in a single end-to-end managed-service offering – this leaves the heavy lifting to Dragonfly so the bank can focus on serving their corporate clients.
  • Dragonfly as a Service: For banks seeking a “headless” platform that want to leverage APIs, event streams, composable UX components, and microservices from Dragonfly to stand up a fully featured solution quickly.
  • Dragonfly FinTech Integration Center: For banks that want to embed their brand directly into the most common FinTech apps and make their banking services accessible to their customers directly from their favorite apps. And for FinTechs that want to access real-time banking information and payment transactions for business customers.

“We believe in banks and their ability to provide the best digital banking solutions to their small business, commercial and corporate customers,” said Jim Gillespie, chief product officer of Dragonfly Financial Technologies. “Our new Universal Online Banking solution deployments combine our market- proven business banking functionality with composable banking technologies that hand over control of the user experience to our banking customers. With our Universal Online Banker platform, banks can access APIs, event streams, and microservices, and the tools to embed their bank brand directly into common FinTech apps – delivering the configurability and scalability they need to be successful.”

The new Universal Online Banker deployments provide Dragonfly’s business and commercial banking customers – from small and mid-sized to large financial institutions – and their corporate clients with a seamless and secure digital banking experience, whether they’re managing cashflow and liquidity, initiating and collecting payments, preventing fraudulent transactions or all the above and more. The composable banking platform also gives Dragonfly customers the ability to easily expand their portfolio of digital banking capabilities, like banking as a service, and even embed the bank’s solutions into popular FinTech applications.

“As a long-standing customer of Dragonfly, we continue to be impressed with Universal Online Banker’s capabilities and its ability to help us deliver new services to our commercial and small business banking customers. The upgrade process went exceptionally well, and we’re pleased by Dragonfly’s dedication to ensuring our customers did not experience any interruption of services,” said Jacob Heugly, executive vice president, managing director of Zions Bank.

Dragonfly has expanded its products and service teams to reinforce its commitment to innovation and the delivery of world-class digital banking solutions and services that help banks power differentiating customer experiences for their corporate and small business customers. The company has also made a series of announcements to boost its solution portfolio and FinTech partner ecosystem.

To get in touch with Dragonfly, please visit https://www.dragonflyft.com/contact-us.html.

About Dragonfly Financial Technologies Corp.

Dragonfly Financial Technologies is a banking-as-a-service FinTech powering innovative digital customer experiences for commercial banking institutions. Dragonfly Commercial Banking Platform unites internal banking systems and unlocks their collective value, enabling banks to provide a superior customer experience and introduce new services with speed and ease. And with the industry’s largest portfolio of APIs, the Dragonfly platform connects seamlessly to the world’s most popular FinTech applications. Commercial banking customers worldwide – including top-10 banks in the US and Asia – rely on Dragonfly to initiate and collect payments and manage daily financial operations for their corporate clients. For more information, visit www.dragonflyft.com.