Estate Sale Software by PROSALE is a Game-Changer

It is broadly agreed that the Estate Sale Industry can be very challenging, especially without the right tools or technology. A few wrong moves can result in a great deal of wasted resources. The good news is PROSALE has answered the call with the recent release of the first Estate Sale Management Software. Designed to help with all aspects of the industry, including things like point of sale (POS) and barcoded inventory, the PROSALE cloud-based software has been met with great excitement. As feedback pours in, the company could not be more pleased.

“We saw a big hole that needed to be filled in the estate sale industry and we had the team to fill it,” commented Allen Revak, a spokesperson from the company. “PROSALE has addressed many headache-causing pain points that drive estate liquidators and estate sale companies crazy.”

The features offered by PROSALE’s Estate Sale Management Software can be categorized into three groups: Time Savings, Revenue Generating, and Business Enhancing. Take a look below.


  • Customized point of sale (POS) with barcode scanning, quick add buttons, and so much more to shorten the time at the register.
  • Eliminate the handwritten sales ledger with detailed reporting.
  • Integrated payment processing offers seamless credit card transactions.
  • Easily onboard new employees with a simple to use system that is easy to train.
  • Print or email receipts to meet the needs of the shopper and remove handwritten paper receipts.
  • Daily discount automation, line item discounts, and total order discounting at the register.
  • Knowledge is power. Enhanced reporting with accurate data makes the sale wrap up easy.


  • Prevent price swapping with visual inventory.
  • Take control of negotiations and discounts with the active register and point of sale (POS).
  • Sell online, instore, and everywhere with real-time inventory.
  • Expand inventory visibility to new customers with e-commerce solutions.
  • Automate email marketing to keep hard-earned customers coming back for future sales.
  • Sell multiple estates in one location with the Merge Sales feature.


  • Dynamic inventory makes it easy to inventory everything or nothing at all, the choice is yours.
  • Print labels with pricing, barcodes, and descriptions to easily price your sale.
  • Save time with the proprietary suggestive pricing tool to recall and lookup pricing of sale items.
  • Integrated email marketing makes it easy to stay in touch with customers.
  • Take photos once and use them everywhere. PROSALE’s bulk download feature gives you power over your media.
  • Sale specific email communication keeps your clients informed.
  • Manage multiple sales at once from a single dashboard.
  • Categorize all your sales to analyze performance.

PROSALE’s time saving, revenue-generating, and business-enhancing features are designed to energize growth within the industry. The game-changing features are available to all estate sale companies and estate liquidators looking to improve their estate sale business.

After the National Estate Sale Conference in Nashville, Tennessee hosted by, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the PROSALE advantage. PROSALE is transforming the industry for the better with these first in class features built into the estate sale software.

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PROSALE Estate Sale Software
The industry deserves better solutions and PROSALE is here to solve that with a point of sale, inventory management, labels and barcoding, integrated payment processing, reporting, web solutions, and lots more!

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