ETI Software Announces Commitment to TM Forum’s Open APIs

ETI Software Solutions, a global leader in communications technology and services, announced that they have signed the TM Forum Open API Manifesto and are committed to using TM Forum’s established Frameworx standards in developing its Service Management Platform (SMP).  TM Forum’s Open APIs are REST-based APIs that enable rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration among operations and management systems, making it easier to create, build and operate complex innovative services.  In using TM Forum’s Open APIs, ETI’s SMP enables telecom service providers to improve subscriber experience, reduce inefficiencies and cost, and offer next-gen services more reliably and affordably. 

“In signing the manifesto, TM Forum members such as ETI Software are committing to transform IT and operations to be fit for the 2020s,” said George Glass, CTO, TM Forum. “The momentum building to collaboratively deliver the Open Digital Architecture will create the new software model our industry needs, enabling investment in innovation instead of sinking resources into maintenance and integration of customized legacy solutions that are blocking agility.”

“Utilizing TM Forum standards, ETI Software has created a platform that removes siloes across billing, customer service, field service, and network operations resulting in a comprehensive view for service providers that empowers CEOs to CSRs to proactively address issues and operate more efficiently,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President of ETI Software Solutions. 

Read about TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto and see signatory companies here.

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About ETI Software Solutions:  A global leader in communications technology and services, ETI Software Solutions delivers the tools that Telecom Service Providers need to manage complex systems efficiently, reduce operating costs, improve customer experience and generate new revenue.  For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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