Juvare Announces Contact Tracing and Case Management Solution to Help Governments Monitor Individuals Who Have Contracted or Been Exposed to COVID-19

Juvare, the leader in critical incident preparedness and response technology, announced today the world-wide availability of its Contact Tracing and Case Management technology, built on its industry-standard WebEOC platform to offer the highest control around privacy standards. The new technology is designed to help governments, public health departments and healthcare systems address the complexity of tracking and following up with individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19, or are confirmed to have contracted the disease and are able to self-quarantine at home.

Juvare’s Contact Tracing and Case Management solution was developed alongside The National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health of Lithuania to scale to accommodate large populations and integrate seamlessly into the critical technological infrastructure of government entities.

“We are in the business of helping government agencies, corporations, higher education institutions and other organizations prepare for and respond to critical incidents of all kinds,” said Robert Watson, CEO, Juvare. “However, COVID-19 is unlike any critical incident the world has ever seen. We are proud to be able to apply our deep experience to deliver solutions to help government agencies like The National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health of Lithuania and more than 50 U.S. federal agencies we support in their efforts to respond, recover and move toward the new normal.”

The solution allows for remote monitoring through in-person, telephone or mobile app data entry. Pre-configured workflows for data entry simplify the process of collecting information about the point of exposure, risk factor and symptoms, as well as details about subsequent interactions, contact information, demographics, family profile, and the quarantine period. Automated reminders to perform regular check-in calls to update records can be scheduled and assigned for ongoing case management. The solution supports both manual entry and direct interfaces with testing laboratories.

Affected individuals can self-report on a daily basis by answering a series of questions on a mobile app. The mobile device’s GPS can also be used to establish geofencing and locational tracking in accordance with applicable regulations.

Contact Tracing and Case Management information may be presented in an organized dashboard format, making high-risk conditions easy to identify and address. Color-coded or otherwise flagged statuses facilitate ongoing case management and encourage quick response to critical conditions, such as a significant change in symptoms that might require hospitalization. Users can also drill down into details regarding the person, their test results and their outcome.

The Contact Tracing and Case Management solution is the latest in Juvare’s line of emergency preparedness and response technology that have been used for past outbreak response efforts including: H1N1 (Swine Flu), H5N9 (Avian Flu), Ebola (EVD), and the SARS outbreak.

Additionally, Juvare solutions have been used to prepare for and respond to major U.S. hurricanes including Maria, Irma and Dorian; California wildfires; active shooter incidents including the Orlando Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival shootings; planned events such as the Big Game and major public events.

Juvare technology connects more than 80% of state public health agencies, 4,000 hospitals, more than 50 federal agencies, and more than 600 emergency management operations across the U.S. and worldwide with a rapidly expanding international presence with implementations in more than 20 countries and offices in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Wellington, New Zealand.

Juvare is a worldwide leader in emergency preparedness and critical incident management and response technology. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and volunteer organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit www.juvare.com.