Flagship Bank Verification IBV Now Faster, Smarter, and More User-Friendly Than Ever

MicroBilt today announced the release of the latest version of IBV – Instant Bank Verification – it’s market-leading financial data aggregation and verification solution that enables lenders to instantly qualify potential borrowers.

“With this update, lenders will experience a big step forward. We continue to evolve account and identity verification to be smooth and easy. The application and interface have been re-worked from the ground up to be user-friendly and customizable for optimal conversions,” notes Sean Albert, MicroBilt’s SVP of Marketing. “We’re proud to be putting this powerful tool into the hands of our customers.”

Available for consumer, mortgage, and business lending applications, IBV covers over 15,000 financial institutions. In real-time, IBV confirms financial information, returns critical banking history, balances, credit accounts, and outstanding loans and obligations.

“IBV is now even faster, has even more coverage, and the new interface is extremely easy to integrate into your online and mobile applications,” said Keith Goodnight, SVP Product Management & Development.

“With real-time approvals, including fraud protection tools you’ve got the perfect bank verification solution for engaging consumers and capturing additional revenue especially for alternative lending,” Mr. Albert added.

About MicroBilt
MicroBilt has been a single source and preferred provider of decision critical information for over 35 years, responsibly assisting businesses in reducing risk and managing their business. MicroBilt offers simple, cost-effective solutions, and a wide selection of data for underwriting, fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection, and background screening.