iFOLIO Announces Digital Platform for Sales Enablement

iFOLIO, an Atlanta based tech firm, announces today in Times Square, proprietary SMS sales tech & Leaderboard with new clients including Zoo Atlanta, The Atlanta Falcons NFL, and Now Corp. iFOLIO delivers a powerful proprietary digital portfolio platform that is Digital Marketing on Steroids. iFOLIO is effective because it is personalized, private, and shared 1-to-1.

Today the world is digital, global and increasingly connected. It is critical to rise above your buyer’s digital noise. Attention spans are down to 7 seconds, email boxes are flooded, and people are shifting to their mobile devices for more than 3 hours every day.

iFOLIO® engages buyers with digital portfolios delivered through SMS campaigns with personalized messages, resulting in up to 75% open rates. People always have their phones with them and SMS notifications flash no matter what they are doing. Portfolios are effective because the human brain is wired to remember stories and visual content over written content. iFOLIO’s ability to deliver the business sales story, results in an astounding 4:24 seconds average viewer engagement.

Managing and engaging sales leads from every touchpoint is more efficient with iFOLIO Sales Dashboard and patent-pending analytics. iFOLIO’s Leaderboard Analytics motivate a sales team with real-time production statistics showing which team members are actually driving engagement by shares, by opens, and by average time. The efficiency of Reverse CRM™ then takes a step out of the sales process by automating data into CRM.

Raymond B. King, President & Chief Executive Officer of Zoo Atlanta says, “As we embark on an accelerated period of growth, now is the time for us to enhance our sales enablement initiatives. With innovation and continuous improvement amongst our core values, iFOLIO is a great solution and partner for us.”

“Our mission is to revolutionize digital marketing and sales enablement with the power and beauty of digital portfolios and SMS, the most effective marketing on the planet,” says Jean Marie Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of iFOLIO.

iFOLIO was awarded “Best Personalized Digital Marketing – 2019” by AI Global Media and honored with a 2019 MAX Marketing Innovation Award by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for introducing a new standard of digital engagement for enterprise professionals with a platform for private portfolios for customer introductions, presentations, and proposals.

iFOLIO, an Atlanta based digital portfolio platform, has a patent pending marketing and sales enablement technology and over 3500 customers throughout the U.S. and 58 countries.