iFOLIO Announces Third Patent for Analytics of Digital Customer Engagement

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iFOLIO, the global leader in personalized digital marketing and sales enablement, today announces their third patent for customer engagement analytics.

Organizations worldwide are modernizing processes and migrating critical applications to the cloud, as these new technologies and advanced analytics enable increased efficiency and more effective service delivery for their customers.

The new patent builds on iFOLIO’s industry leadership with engagement analytics and heat maps. These real-time analytics enable a data-driven understanding of client behaviors, empowering teams to analyze, respond, and optimize web marketing, campaigns, and follow-ups.

The analytics solution includes a heat map, leaderboard, visits and seconds of engagement, and video analysis to help organizations measure campaign performance, prioritize hot prospects by engagement, and measure video content by total views and how much of the video was viewed. These features will empower data-driven organizations to make informed decisions with real-time data.

Analytics solutions often require days to pull and compile, and a significant workforce to crunch numbers so they can be deciphered from a business perspective. With iFOLIO’s automated analytics process, businesses can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, using fewer resources and leveraging dashboards available in real-time.

“Data-driven approaches are essential for modern companies that want to understand their customers and grow. iFOLIO’s industry-leading analytics and cloud technology are transforming client engagement and making work easier,” said Jean Marie Richardson, President and CEO of iFOLIO.

Start creating meaningful connections with your clients today with iFOLIO Cloud.

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