iFOLIO Honored with Global Excellence Award, Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions – 2019 by AI Global Media

In today’s digital world, buyers are more informed and have high expectations when they interact with a company.  It’s critical for enterprises to maximize that customer touchpoint with an experience that feels custom and differentiated.

iFOLIO® is recognized with the Global Excellence Award “Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions – 2019” by AI Global Media for innovation, growth, and delivering results through an enterprise digital portfolio platform.

Digital portfolios are effective marketing because they are personalized, private, and delivered 1-to-1.  iFOLIOs have images, videos, and animated charts and are shared via SMS, email, and any way you share a link.  The private portfolios generate open rates up to 75% from mobile share, and engagement up to 2 min 40+ seconds in a market where attention spans average 7 seconds.

Through iFOLIO, companies can engage their customers and prospects more authentically, optimizing the relationship, and delivering a remarkable experience. iFOLIO platform enables sales or account management to deliver a portfolio directly to a customer via SMS or email and then follow-up from the sales dashboard. The iFOLIO Analytics enable more thoughtful, data-driven follow-ups and Reverse CRM™ automates outreach notes into the CRM system reducing reporting workloads.

Growth is in the iFOLIO DNA. Using its own incredibly effective platform for sales and marketing, iFOLIO grew paid customers 1100% last year.

Today iFOLIO powers over 3500 clients in 58 countries including the Atlanta Falcons NFL, Equifax, iD Tech and was honored with a 2019 MAX Marketing Innovation Award by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for introducing a new standard of digital engagement for enterprise professionals with a platform for private portfolio sites for customer introductions, presentations, and proposals.

“We are so honored to accept this award and to serve our incredible clients as they transform their customer experience with personalized portfolios and SMS.  We believe relationships are central to business and the future of incredible presentations, stories, and customer experiences are private digital portfolios,” says Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO of iFOLIO.

iFOLIO, a patent pending digital portfolio platform with vertical solutions for Enterprises, Sports Firms, and Educations Service Providers, is based in Atlanta, Georgia.