JTECH’s FindMe with Arriva Helps Businesses Offer Exceptional Curbside Service While Ensuring Operational Efficiency

JTECH, An HME Company, the leading restaurant and hospitality Guest, Staff and Curbside communications company has introduced FindMe with Arriva, a curbside notification system.  FindMe with Arriva enables curbside guests and patients to notify businesses with their location upon arrival so staff can quickly and accurately provide curbside services.

FindMe with Arriva is just in time as many restaurants, retail businesses and healthcare providers turn to curbside service to meet their customers’ and patients’ needs for social distancing and convenience.  With FindMe with Arriva businesses can easily introduce curbside services into their operations and stay connected even with staff limitations.

Guests or patients simply park in the business’s designated curbside parking space and scan that space’s QR code or text that space’s keyword to open the FindMe notification screen. Once there, guests simply enter their information on the customizable branded screen.  “With FindMe with Arriva there is no app installation required.  Guests simply scan the code and enter their name, vehicle description and location to alert staff that they have arrived so they can take action right away,” said Paul Meggers, President of JTECH.

With FindMe with Arriva, businesses can offer exceptional curbside service while ensuring operational efficiency:

  • Greet guests upon arrival
  • Keep staff focused on customers, not tablets or parking spaces
  • Optimize staff allocated to curbside services
  • Provide fast and accurate delivery of curbside orders
  • Self-installation and quick set up
  • Easy for guests – no app installation required

“FindMe with Arriva allows staff to focus on assisting all of our guests rather than watching a display tablet or the parking lot.  With FindMe, our team stays connected to our curbside service guests so we can provide fast and accurate delivery and a great experience,” said a local restaurant manager.

To learn more about FindMe with Arriva please visit https://www.jtech.com/findme or contact JTECH at 1-800-321-6221.

Since 1988, JTECH has been a leader in guest and staff notification systems. With over 30 years of experience and JTECH’s 24/7 customer service.  JTECH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HM Electronics, Inc. (HME) and is the largest onsite notification company in the world.