LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions Launches Coplogic Ethos for LexisNexis eCrash and LexisNexis eCitation Solutions

LexisNexis® Coplogic™ Solutions today announced the launch of Coplogic™ Ethos, a new cloud-based platform for LexisNexis® eCrash and LexisNexis® eCitation solutions. Coplogic Ethos is a dynamic and highly configurable cloud-based data management and optimization platform. Powered by a highly intuitive, digitally responsive native mobile app and touchscreen interface, Coplogic Ethos helps to fast-track and simplify field-based crash and citation reporting across the entire traffic unit.

Developed for and with law enforcement, Coplogic Ethos can help law enforcement agencies eliminate costly and time-consuming manual processes, enabling them to reallocate resources to higher priority activities. The solution can empower agencies to more quickly and easily respond to the shifting demands and priorities they often encounter by streamlining the reporting aspect of their jobs.

“At LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions, we understand the challenges law enforcement agencies face in the field and we created Coplogic Ethos with efficiency in mind,” said Roy Marler, vice president of product management for Coplogic Solutions. “With Coplogic Ethos, law enforcement agencies now have more control over their processes. We realized how cumbersome it was for them to have to wait on a technology department to create new forms or implement form changes. The platform is a low-code/no-code high productivity application, which aims to make it easy for anybody in an agency to build forms quickly. Users simply drag and drop form components, and connect them together to create or edit forms without needing a developer.”

Law enforcement administrators of Coplogic Ethos can leverage the self-serve digital interface to control the crash and incident reporting process, helping them to save time and reduce the risk of errors with pre-filled forms. By integrating data management with the agency’s own records management system, it can help avoid duplicating efforts while obtaining the data officers need. 

The platform also enables mobile field reporting and fast-tracked form changes. That means reports can be created and approved by an agency right away. Coplogic Ethos can be used on any current device or operating system without requiring an internet connection, which adds a high degree of reliability and the convenience of anywhere, anytime incident reporting.

“Coplogic Ethos is a game changer because it removes the burdensome processes that distract from overall mission-readiness and proactive police response,” said Marler. “Officers can focus on hands-on traffic safety responses and building better community relationships—a win-win for all.”

The initial rollout of Coplogic Ethos will include eight states, beginning with Colorado and New Mexico. Existing customers will migrate to the new platform as it becomes available within their state.

LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions provides a suite of web-based tools aimed at helping improve how law enforcement agencies manage crash, community online incident reporting, citation data and FTO programs.  The Coplogic Solutions portfolio can enable significant time savings for agencies and community members, expanded services to the community and local businesses, enhanced officer and public safety, and improved handling of community needs. For more information, click here.

Customers attending this year’s virtual International Association of Police Chiefs Conference can view the Coplogic Ethos Theater presentation and/or click here for more information (IACP 2020 credentials required).

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