ProGro BIO Appoints New Executive

Atlanta-based ProGro BIO Inc. has named Jimmy Joyner President of Commercial Strategy. He will lead the company’s efforts to commercialize ProGro’s cornerstone microbial soil inoculant Rhizol. Rhizol is an all-natural microbial solution that stimulates plant growth and protects plants from soil-borne fungal and bacterial pathogens and numerous species of plant parasitic nematodes.

Jimmy Joyner is a 4th generation farmer, entrepreneur, and agricultural product developer and innovator. Joyner’s long history in the farming industry includes personally owning and operating large, successful farming operations in cotton, soybeans, and wheat. As a crop consultant, Joyner has provided insight and guidance to growers encompassing over 10,000 acres. In the 1990s, Joyner began full-time efforts in biotechnology product development and engineering which ultimately led to the founding of US BioTec, a company that he took public in 2004.

“The agricultural sector is seeking chemical free microbial solutions that actually work and which are backed by solid science. Jimmy’s incredible real-world experience in bringing agricultural products to market and working directly with growers of all sizes, is an enormous value to ProGro,” said Blake Young, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Jimmy’s role will include responsibilities for go-to-market and distribution strategies to introduce RHIZOL, ProGro’s cornerstone product, across various channels.”

“I’m very happy to join ProGro’s executive team,” stated Jimmy Joyner. “ProGro’s well-documented science and the field results behind its revolutionary Rhizol product clearly demonstrate the huge potential that the company has to be disruptive in the AgTech sector.”

About ProGro BIO

ProGro BIO is an AgTech company that produces all-natural organic microbial formulations focused on revolutionizing agribusiness by reversing damage to the environment caused by decades of application of chemical fertilizers and toxic solutions. The company’s focus on creating a new standard for sustainable agriculture is underpinned by its missions to develop all natural, organically certifiable microbial solutions that increase crop yields, accelerate plant growth, control and mitigate plant soilborne pathogens and parasitic nematodes, perpetuate drought resistance and remediate toxic organic compounds in soil and water. The company launched a highly successful pre-seed funding round in early 2022. Learn more at