LocatorX Appoints Four New Members to its Advisory Board

LocatorX, a technology company developing accurate, inexpensive and flexible tracking technology, today announces the appointment of four new members to its advisory board.

LocatorX’s breakthrough solutions work together to improve product and tracking information, streamline supply chain management and increase opportunities for secure brand interaction. The advisory board will play a central role in assisting the startup to expand its market reach and continue innovation in the location tracking space.

“We’re pleased to welcome Professor Andrew Briggs, Major General James Myles, Tanya Pemberton and Tom Raftery onto the LocatorX advisory board as we look to bring our product into additional sectors and industries,” said Scott Fletcher, CEO and President of LocatorX. “These four members are leaders in their respective fields and will provide us with invaluable information and assistance as we look to expand our network and develop new use cases.”

Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nanomaterials at Oxford University
Professor Andrew Briggs is the Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford where he researches materials and techniques for quantum technologies, as well as their incorporation into practical devices. Briggs has nearly 600 publications, with over 16,000 citations. He also holds the Institute of Materials’ Holliday Prize, The Metrology Award for World Class Manufacturing, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical.

Major General James Myles, US Army (Retired), President of Myles Associates, LLC.
James R. Myles served more than 36 years in the U.S. Army, retiring at the rank of Major General. From 2011-2015, Myles held senior leadership positions at DynCorp International, where he was responsible for its annual $1.2B aviation portfolio. Currently, he is President and founder of Myles Associates, LLC.

Tanya Pemberton, Senior Vice President of the National Systems Group at The Aerospace Corporation
At The Aerospace Corporation, Tanya Pemberton is responsible for supporting the national security space and intelligence community in the acquisition, launch, and orbital operation of advanced technology space systems and their supporting ground systems. Pemberton has more than 30 years of experience delivering large-scale technical systems and working problems across multiple business sectors to include space systems, mission ground systems, information technology, and analytic organizations.

Tom Raftery, Global VP, Futurist, & Innovation Evangelist at SAP
Tom Raftery is a Global VP for SAP, an Innovation Evangelist, Futurist, and International Keynote speaker. Tom is a serial entrepreneur and has helped found startups such as the Cork Internet eXchange, Tom Raftery IT, Zenith Solutions Ltd., and CTO Chip eServices Ltd. Additionally, Tom is an Advisor to Synergy Module and a regular Guest Lecturer at the International Instituto San Telmo Business School in Seville.

“We are lucky to have these four members join our advisory board as we work together to bring this transformational tracking technology to new industries,” said Billy Meadow, CTO and Founder of LocatorX. “Their knowledge and experience will help us perfect our product, explore new uses, and expand the impact we will have on global logistics and customer experience.”

LocatorX’s suite of solutions include unique 2D bar codes, an NFC/Bluetooth-encrypted chip and an upcoming Global Resource Locator to be powered by a Solid-State Miniature Atomic Clock. The clock is the first of its kind, and is patented by the University of Oxford, which has granted LocatorX exclusive rights to the technology for commercial purposes.

About LocatorX
LocatorX, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., offers companies a highly secure platform and tracking devices for manufacturers, supply-chain managers, warehousing and retailers. The technology enables brands and consumers to access an item’s current location and audit trail from its origin using a smartphone. LocatorX is leading efforts in detecting and preventing counterfeiting, theft and product diversion while increasing consumer engagement with manufacturers.

The company is also developing the world’s first molecular-sized location tracking device. This device is based on the patented Solid-State Miniature Atomic Clock (SMAC) technology created by the nanomaterials lab at University of Oxford, to which LocatorX has exclusive rights. For more information, visit https://www.locatorx.com/