Logicpath Recognized as a 2020 Top Cash Management Solution Provider by CFO Tech Outlook

Logicpath, a leader in fintech software and analytics has been recognized as a Top Cash Management Solution Provider for 2020 by CFO Tech Outlook, specifically for C3 Financial, a cash supply chain and management solution for banks and credit unions. Logicpath’s C3 Financial application optimizes the cash supply chain by streamlining cash operations with a centralized and automated approach to cash ordering. The application applies inventory management principles and predictive analytics so that financial institutions are better equipped to forecast cash demand at each cash end point, down to the denomination across the enterprise.

“We are incredibly honored to be named a CFO Tech Outlook Top Cash Management Solution Provider for 2020,” said Douglas Ceto, President and CEO of Logicpath. “We’ve helped thousands of banks and credit unions understand and successfully manage their unique cash supply chain networks during times of both stability and uncertainty. Our goal is to empower financial institutions to be better prepared for every level of cash demand in any market, in support of disaster recovery planning and beyond. The demand for this technology has never been greater, and this award is a testament to meeting this need for our clients and providing solutions that make a difference. For that, we are thankful.”

Logicpath was given this prestigious award by CFO Tech Outlook as a 2020 company that is at the forefront of providing Cash Management solutions and transforming businesses. The selection criteria is based on CFO Tech Outlook readership recommendations, thorough industry and market research, surveys to potential buyers, and was ultimately decided upon by an advisory panel of CFOs, senior executives, financial consultants, finance directors and others that influence the purchase of a cash management solution.

CFO Tech Outlook is a leading technology magazine with over 54,000 subscribers across the U.S. and provides a comprehensive platform for senior-level finance industry experts, buyers, and decision makers to share their insights following a unique learn-by-peers approach. Logicpath will be featured in the November Cash Management edition.

To learn more about C3 Financial, please visit https://www.logicpath.com/c3-financial.

About logicpath
Atlanta-based logicpath provides innovative software solutions and analytics to financial institutions and is trusted by thousands of clients across the United States and Canada. C3 Financial, Logicpath’s SaaS cash forecasting and management software, and Deposit Reclassification, a program designed to eliminate reserve balances, focus on improved earnings, efficiency, risk management and operations. For more information, visit https://www.logicpath.com/.