Matcha Releases Low-Cost Software to Power Ecommerce Marketing with Content

Matcha, the only comprehensive blog solution built for ecommerce businesses, today introduced a low-cost version of its software with a 14-day free trial. This new offering, priced at $99 a month, makes the benefits of a blog affordable and accessible for even the smallest ecommerce stores. One such benefit is the ability to publish high-quality blog articles in just minutes.

“Blogs are the most underutilized asset ecommerce businesses have,” says Fynn Glover, CEO and cofounder of Matcha. “Established brands like Patagonia and direct-to-consumer breakouts like Glossier have clearly demonstrated the power of blogs, but those outcomes have been out of reach for lean teams with limited time and budgets. We’re on a mission to change that.”

Matcha makes it easy for busy owners and marketers to build their businesses by giving them the tools to follow a simple, proven formula to attract new shoppers with their blog.

  • Publish engaging articles to their blog in a matter of a few clicks
  • Promote articles to attract new audiences to their site
  • Convert blog traffic into email subscribers and nurture them until they’re ready to buy
  • Measure blog performance and optimize their blog to maximize traffic, email subscribers, and sales influenced by content

“Without a blog, businesses are left to peddle their products to an increasingly distracted audience in a competitive market,” says Amanda Schreier, ecommerce manager at Sea to Summit. “With Matcha, we have the tools we need to build an engaged audience that’s infinitely more receptive to our marketing. Now, more than 1 out of every 5 online purchases are now influenced by our blog.”

For the first time, ecommerce merchants can try Matcha for free for 14 days. Learn more and sign up at