SmartBIM Announces Platform Innovation; Changes Name to Concora and Launches New Website

In order to reflect the company’s enhanced product offerings, the team at Concora (formerly SmartBIM) is pleased to announce its new company name and market positioning. This change comes after a series of rapid-fire platform innovations that transformed the company’s legacy aggregate content library offering into the Design Studio.

The first of its kind on the market, Concora’s Design Studio is an Amazon-like product showcase engineered to help manufacturers of building products optimize the commercial buyer’s journey by prioritizing the needs of architects, engineers, and contractors (AECs). The platform also includes the Design Manager, a comprehensive content management and analytics solution built to increase productivity and lend transparency to the commercial specifier’s design journey.

Several manufacturing industry leaders, including Kohler, CertainTeed, USG and others, have embraced the big ideas behind the new platform as a way to connect with the design community and facilitate AECs’ complex workflows.

“Our architect and designer customers expect outstanding service when they work with Kohler,” said Elisabeth Sutton, Director – Marketing Builder, Projects & Specifications at Kohler Co. “As part of that experience, we give them fast access to high-quality, up-to-date product information in a variety of formats through a convenient portal on our website. Our partnership with Concora will empower Kohler’s product teams to enhance how we deliver technical product information, in turn making us even easier to do business with.”

The change from SmartBIM to Concora also stemmed from an expansion of the company’s mission and philosophies. As surmised by Colin Daymude, Concora’s VP of Marketing, “Our value proposition goes way beyond BIM.”

“We have a collective 30 years of experience supplying relevant data to the construction industry, and our company has come a long way from where we started,” Daymude said. “We aren’t just ‘the BIM guys’ anymore, we’re thinking bigger than that. Our mission is to deliver on the promise of digital transformation in the industry by creating greater efficiencies for manufacturers as well as their commercial customers. Our partners are seeing dramatic improvements in traffic and brand loyalty as a result.”

The company launched its new website on Wednesday, September 18. Learn more about Concora by visiting