Media Event: National Black Leaders Meet to Address Dual Crises of Inflation and Crime

Concerned Communities for America (CCA) is launching a national “Conversation with Black America” that will bring together policy makers, community leaders, and those directly affected by the dual crises of violent crime and crippling inflation to create solutions that the next U.S. Congress can champion. The solutions developed by this national tour will be incorporated into a “Contract with Black America” for Black leaders in Congress and their co-sponsors to propose through new, groundbreaking legislation.


Concerned Communities for America, a nonprofit that empowers minority communities to pursue political liberation and economic prosperity

Bruce LeVell, CCA board member, national advocate for Black small business and former federal official

Melvin Everson, former GA State Rep. and VP of Economic Development at Gwinnett Technical College


Media event announcing launch of national “Conversation with Black America”


Saturday, November 12, 2022

12:45 PM EDT


New Black Wall Street Market

8109 Mall Pkwy

Stonecrest, GA 30038


Five decades of big-government intervention have failed to create a level economic playing field or help minority communities reach their full potential, and a majority of Americans from across the political spectrum recognize that our society needs to take meaningful action to address long-standing inequities. The Conversation with Black America will bring together small business owners, community leaders, and local government officials who know best what their communities need. Their input in Atlanta and other cities across America in the coming months will be used to develop a “Contract with Black America” that focuses on achievable, bipartisan solutions.


Ashley Yisel

[email protected]