Online Trading Academy Atlanta Offers Real Estate Property Listing Software and Investing System

Millions of people have successfully made hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in real estate.  Real estate is the number one largest industry and leading segment of our economy amounting to $2,265.7 billion and 13% of our entire Gross Domestic Product.  Recently, Online Trading Academy Atlanta has expanded from investing in the market into the education and support of learning how to make income and build wealth in the real estate market.  The parent organization developed a proprietary software that allows students to find, evaluate and purchase investment properties below market, before the listings hit other public platforms.

After purchase of a property, Investors choose to either flip it for a higher price and profit or to rent it out for income.  The Atlanta market is seeing record high rental demand.

Anyone who is interested in real estate would find OTA Atlanta is a great way to discover how to benefit from an education with access to a system that reveals property opportunities before the general public can find listings on the internet. Furthermore, the popular shows on TV are entertaining and inspiring, but they don’t break down the process in a proven system nor do they support investors for a lifetime in the business.  OTA Atlanta is located in Roswell, Georgia and attracts people from around the region because they employ trained instructors, state of the art technology and a campus that encourages community of like-minded individuals.

Online Trading Academy Atlanta is part of a network of over forty campuses worldwide, a world leader in professional education for investors looking to build life-changing skills to succeed in the financial markets. Their patented Core Strategy empowers traders and investors to make smarter decisions. Students learn under the guidance of experienced traders in a hands-on classroom setting with extensive online education resources. The courses are geared toward individual investors or traders, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools and trading techniques as the professional traders on Wall Street. OTA was founded in 1997. Online Trading Academy Atlanta is one of OTA’s more than 40 worldwide campuses that collectively 400,000 people have experienced OTA workshops.