Veo Expands to Atlanta with Shared Stand-Up and Seated E-Scooters

Micromobility’s innovation leader, Veo, formerly known as Veoride, will be launching in Atlanta this week ahead of the 4th of July holiday to offer commuters and visitors two industry leading types of safe and affordable shared e-scooters to help ease traffic congestion and increase transportation equity across the city.

Veo is already well-known for its top-of-the-line standing e-scooters which are rated as the safest to ride by design, and the most environmentally friendly models in the industry. Atlanta riders will also have the option of enjoying Veo’s first-of-its-kind seated e-scooters called Veo Cosmos. The Veo Cosmos are designed for lengthier short-term trips, and provide additional comfort and ease of use for riders.

“Veo is thrilled to be partnering with Atlanta’s leaders to offer the best in highly efficient, eco-friendly, and budget friendly micromobility vehicles so people can more easily and safely get around for commuting and recreational purposes, and handle the other quick trips they need to take care of daily especially in a number of the city’s neighborhoods where there have been transportation gaps,” said Veo’s CEO, Candice Xie.

Strict sanitations protocols will be followed by Veo to protect its riders and workers from any exposure to COVID-19. Veo’s standing e-scooters and seated Veo Cosmo vehicles will be wiped down daily on all touchable surfaces with virus killing disinfectants by employees wearing gloves and masks. Riders are also encouraged to do their own individual wipe-downs on the vehicles before and after usage.

“We have heard from many Atlanta stakeholders that they are relieved to have Veo’s e-scooters and seated Veo Cosmos available during this time because they feel safer using solitary methods of getting around so they don’t have to sit close to people like they do on buses, or in ride shares or taxis,” Xie added.

About Veo
Headquartered in Chicago, Veo, is one of micromobility’s fastest growing and most innovative companies. The company designs and manufactures a first-of-its-kind seated vehicle, the Veo Cosmo,  e-scooters, e-bikes, and bikes specifically built for the rigors of shared use. Veo products lead the industry in terms of vehicle durability, life-cycle sustainability, and are also widely recognized as the most comfortable and safest to ride. VeoRide has dozens of cities and universities nationwide as partners in its mobility share programs, and is adding additional municipalities and campuses every month. The company has also recently unveiled its new Veo Flex offering for riders who want to purchase or lease the company’s top-of-the-line vehicles for individual use. For more information, please visit

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