Pegasus Residential Partners with REPLI to Streamline Internal Marketing Efforts by Offering Full Suite of Digital Marketing Solutions

Pegasus Residential, a Top 50 Multifamily operator, has partnered with REPLI to offer streamlined digital marketing solutions to their properties across the Southeast, Texas and Virginia. REPLI, a prop-tech company headquartered near Atlanta, offers custom software solutions exclusively for multifamily properties, supported by their in-house digital agency.

Both Pegasus Residential and REPLI understand the need to offer flexible digital marketing solutions for any owner, asset type or budget. With REPLI as a partner, Pegasus is now able to offer industry-leading digital marketing services, such as PPC and social ads management, full-stack SEO, photography and videography services, and the best-in-class websites. These services are implemented through customizable packages addressing the complex needs of multifamily owners.

“I began working with REPLI in the very beginning and have watched them grow into the industry leading platform they are today. They are nimble and can accommodate any request or timeline I give them, and better yet the finished product far exceeds my expectations. Their products, performance and communication is second to none. I am so happy to call them a Pegasus partner!” – Devin Harvey, Director of Marketing Projects, Pegasus Residential

By partnering with REPLI, ownership groups have direct access to the most strategic, innovative, and best-performing digital marketing solutions in the industry. Specialized in building custom integrations and solutions specifically for multifamily, REPLI’s exclusive service offerings demonstrate a measurable increase in owner and property value.

“We’ve truly been able to develop a partnership that embodies what both of us are all about, providing innovative solutions that make our customers happy & solve the complex needs of the multi-family industry. Whether a struggling community needs a new advertising campaign or a development lease-up needs the whole REPLI bundle, Pegasus knows that our team can provide that flexibility. More recently, we helped them convert a struggling lease-up’s entire digital marketing plan over to REPLI, and in a saturated market, we were able to assist their client in selling for a record price nearly a year ahead of schedule.” – Michael Estep, Director of Operations, REPLI

By developing customized solutions to fit each property’s unique needs, REPLI perfectly complements Pegasus Residential’s suite of multifamily client services.

About Pegasus Residential 
Pegasus Residential is a boutique, third-party Management Company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and they manage 35,000+ units in more than 40 metro markets. Pegasus Residential provides expertise in acquisitions, new development, and re-development; and, also serves as consultants in building and construction services for their clients. For more information about Pegasus, visit

About REPLI 
Founded in 2018, REPLI is a leading prop-tech company that provides best-in-class websites and digital marketing solutions to multifamily organizations. Headquarted near Atlanta, Georgia – REPLI is one of the fastest growing bootstrapped prop-tech companies in the United States, managing and servicing over 200,000 units nationwide.  Owners and operators rely on REPLI to simplify and streamline their digital marketing efforts with integrated websites, marketing software, digital advertising, SEO, virtual tours, photography, and video solutions. For more information, visit

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