Privacy Bee Introduces One-Click Privacy Management to Help Consumers More Easily Protect Their Data and Prevent Identity Theft

Privacy Bee, the proactive privacy platform, makes one-click privacy management a reality with its latest release. The new dashboard tool and Chrome extension simplify privacy management by allowing users to manage privacy preferences across many companies, all in one place.

Users declare their privacy preferences based on how comfortable they are with each company collecting, retaining and using their data. Users can choose from three levels of privacy based on the relationships they have with each company:

1. Active relationship: A more permissive privacy setting for companies that users interact with regularly. It allows the retention of personal data and usage for marketing and other purposes. This setting is for high-trust companies that users want to maintain an ongoing relationship with — for instance, loyalty programs.

2. Neutral relationship: Middle-of-the-road privacy settings for companies that users may interact with periodically but don’t fully trust. Users can set granular privacy permissions according to their own comfort level.

3. No relationship: The most restrictive privacy setting for companies that users don’t have a relationship with and don’t want to share personal information. With this setting, users express the desire to opt-out of data sharing and potentially delete any accounts associated with that company.

To make privacy management even easier, Privacy Bee has also launched Chrome and Firefox extensions for one-click privacy management. Once installed, users can customize privacy settings in real-time as they browse the internet by clicking the Privacy Bee icon and adjusting the relationship with a single click.

“These tools give the power of privacy protection to our users,” says Privacy Bee CEO Harry Maugans. “Users now have the ability to decide how comfortable they are with individual companies holding onto and using their data. We want users to be able to decide which companies they trust with their personal information.”

These privacy preferences guide Privacy Bee’s opt-out and data deletion requests. For $9 a month (or $86 annually), the service submits initial deletion and opt-out requests on behalf of users. The service also attempts to express individual privacy preferences to companies wherever a company supports greater privacy controls.

The vision is to shift privacy from opt-out to opt-in, Maugans continues:

“The future of privacy is opt-in. Of course, we’re not there yet. Privacy management is still messy and annoying. Our vision is a world in which consumers have total transparency and control over their data footprints. Privacy Bee 2.0 is a big step in that direction.”

The latest version was shaped by Privacy Bee’s inaugural National Privacy Survey. Consumers said that privacy management was “complicated,” “difficult” and “confusing,” and that it can feel like a full-time job to reduce data footprints and prevent identity theft. Yet, 83% want privacy management to be convenient and easy. With Privacy Bee 2.0, we’re one step closer to making that a reality for consumers.



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