Radyus Research and Dt&CRO Join Forces to Pave Way for South Korean Biotech Companies Into the U.S. Market

Radyus Research, a global drug development organization from Atlanta, Georgia, is excited to announce a pivotal strategic partnership with Dt&CRO, a leading South Korean contract research organization (CRO). This collaboration aims to assist South Korean biotech companies in entering the U.S. market by offering integrated services for drug development planning, regulatory strategy, IND filings, and clinical trial management.

The partnership between Radyus Research and Dt&CRO marks a significant milestone in global biotech collaboration, providing a streamlined pathway for South Korean biotech innovators to access the lucrative U.S. pharma market. Leveraging Radyus Research’s expertise in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and managing preclinical and early-stage clinical trials in the United States, South Korean biotech companies can expedite their entry into this key market.

“At Radyus Research, we are thrilled to partner with Dt&CRO to empower their sponsor companies, which are ambitious and innovative biotech companies from South Korea,” said Marta New, CEO of Radyus Research. “Our collaboration will provide invaluable support and guidance, enabling South Korean innovators to navigate regulatory processes, initiate IND applications, and conduct first-in-human trials in the U.S. These critical steps are essential for South Korean biotech companies to establish a strong presence in this market and attract investment from international stakeholders.”

In return, Radyus Research will rely on Dt&CRO for non-GLP and GLP laboratory testing services tailored to Asia based clients. This reciprocal arrangement further enhances the partnership’s synergy, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and growth in the global biotech industry.

“We are excited to collaborate with Radyus Research to facilitate the expansion of South Korean biotech companies into the U.S. market,” said Mr. Chaegyu Park, CEO of Dt&CRO. “By combining our expertise in laboratory testing with Radyus Research’s comprehensive support for drug development and regulatory strategy, we can offer a holistic solution that meets the needs of biotech innovators in South Korea and enhances our global CRO competitiveness.”

The partnership between Radyus Research and Dt&CRO exemplifies a commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and global growth in the biotech industry. Together, they aim to accelerate the development and commercialization of breakthrough therapies that address unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

About Radyus Research:

Radyus Research is a drug development organization dedicated to accelerating clients’ drug programs into the clinic. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Radyus Research offers a range of services aimed at providing comprehensive drug development planning, regulatory filings, and clinical trial management. We act as an operating R&D partner to biotech companies, academic startups, and seed venture capital firms. Most clients start working with us during lead optimization and candidate selection phases, and we manage their programs through IND-enabling studies, IND application and initiation of first in human trials. Our extensive expertise spans various modalities in immunology, oncology, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, and neurosciences. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving clients across the globe in over 12 countries.

About Dt&CRO:

Dt&CRO is a leading preclinical CRO based in South Korea, specializing in providing global pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of CRO services comprehensive of non-clinical efficacy, GLP toxicology testing, PK testing, bioanalysis, bioequivalence, clinical trials, and licensing consultation in Asia. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, as well as its expertise in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, health-functioning food, cosmetics, and medical devices, Dt&CRO plays a vital role in advancing drug development and improving patient care on a global scale.