Search Discovery Announces New Technology To Automate Analytics Implementations

Search Discovery announces the launch of Apollo to enable companies to deploy best in class analytics solutions that drive business impact in half the time at a fixed price.

Apollo is a revolutionary new technology that automates the setup, configuration, and deployment of Adobe Analytics, Target, and Experience Cloud ID Service through Adobe’s new Launch platform. This one of its kind technology moves analytics implementations into the future removing the time consuming and error prone aspects of implementations while providing a modern best practices architecture built on the aggregated experience of Search Discovery’s team.  Together, when combined with Search Discovery’s award-winning services provides Adobe customers the fastest and most sophisticated way to design and deploy solutions for the Adobe Experience Platform.

Poor data quality is costing companies somewhere between $9.7 million and $14.2 million dollars every year, according to research conducted by Gartner.  With Apollo, Search Discovery can provide companies a world-class approach to collecting and leveraging high quality data that is easy to maintain and adapts to the ongoing demands of the business.

“The Apollo name comes from NASA’s Apollo program of spaceflight and moon exploration.  At Search Discovery, we continue to draw inspiration from NASA’s Apollo program; its audacious goals, its incredible results, and its team’s dedication to process, testing, communication, and continuous improvement,” states Stew Schilling, Solution Architect at Search Discovery. “Just as NASA’s Apollo program built upon the experience gained from the Mercury and Gemini missions, Search Discovery’s Apollo technology builds on our experience as the creators of Adobe DTM and our best practices established from thousands of Adobe Analytics implementations.”

“We built Apollo to give clients the best implementation possible in less time at a fixed price,” said Mike Gustafson, President of Search Discovery. “Apollo accelerates any organization’s ability to use data with purpose, enabling greater customer engagement through personalized experiences and optimization programs that will drive significant business impact.”

Search Discovery is the leader in providing Adobe clients with innovative technology solutions on the Adobe Launch platform with over 30,000 users of their browser and Launch extensions.   To learn more about how Apollo and other solutions from Search Discovery visit

About Search Discovery:
Search Discovery is a data transformation company that helps organizations use their data with purpose to drive measurable business impact.  Our services and solutions help global organizations at every stage of data transformation including strategy, implementation, optimization, and organizational change management.