Digital Yalo and FullStory Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

Award-winning, creative agency Digital Yalo announces a new partnership with digital experience analytics platform FullStory. This strategic partnership employs FullStory’s powerful digital experience platform to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Through Fullstory’s measurement and conversion rate optimization tools, Yalo can help their clients grasp the “why” and the “what” to more effectively craft and implement strategies that improve brand and marketing performance.

“FullStory is very excited to partner with Digital Yalo’s team to provide data that works together seamlessly, providing answers to challenging client issues no matter where they arise,” said Jamie Garverick, FullStory SVP of Sales. “FullStory’s digital experience data with best-in-breed SaaS technology will eliminate friction in data flows and help clients make customer-focused decisions at scale to deliver the most innovative and impactful customer experiences.”

FullStory is the solution that delivers real-time answers. During the session, improvement areas, such as dead/rage clicks and page performance are identified. By capturing the user experience, playback of the session is available for developers to see the exact error, supporting quick resolution.

With FullStory, Yalo has the tools and techniques for prototyping, redesigning and fine-tuning customer interactions by capturing and tracking the voice of the customer as they happen. Yalo implements and configures FullStory on any website to track sessions and provide UX KPI’s in real time. Armed with the FullStory data and analytics, Yalo debunks historical attitudinal bias with real customer behaviors. Yalo’s expert team of UX designers and web developers crafts improvements and solutions that result in a more efficient and frictionless online customer experience.

“FullStory is a gamechanger in allowing our clients (and internal teams) to understand the customer experience behind the data,”said Arnold Huffman, Digital Yalo’s CEO. “It enables us to leverage insights to help us improve the overall digital experiences of our clients to increase positive business outcomes, revenue and profitability.”

About Yalo

Since 2013, Yalo has been transforming brands by injecting soul and passion into their digital presence. We are a full-service agency that draws from film, art, music, and sports to create unique customer experiences. Our full service team has the chops to develop the best solutions for our clients and their customers across a variety of traditional and new media formats and platforms. Yalo is based in Atlanta and Cleveland with outposts everywhere you are.

Arnold Huffman, CEO, Yalo
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