Storj Labs Adds Brian Lillie to Its Board of Directors

Storj Labs today announced Brian Lillie has been appointed to its board of directors. As a member of the board, Brian will advise the company on its product development, sales strategy, and other board-level efforts, leveraging his extensive experience driving product and technology strategy, building customer relationships, and driving growth for enterprise-grade cloud solutions.

“Brian is an excellent addition to our board; his insight and experience will be invaluable to Storj Labs as we grow adoption of our decentralized cloud storage service,” said Ben Golub, Executive Chairman, and CEO at Storj Labs. “Brian spent more than 30 years leading technology and engineering organizations, with in-depth experience in infrastructure, security, data center operations, and product. There isn’t a better-qualified candidate to join the Storj Labs board and help the company meet its goals for growth and expansion.”

During his time at Equinix, Brian served led strategy, management, and development for the company’s product management and engineering teams. Prior to that, he oversaw information technology, operations, and customer support. He was an essential part of the team that scaled the company’s revenue from $900 million to over $5 billion in revenue.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve only witnessed a handful of companies dramatically innovate and transform their respective markets,” said Lillie. “Storj is the first company to offer a truly enterprise-grade, secure, decentralized storage solution. Decentralized approaches to infrastructure represent a radical departure from the current modes of providing cloud infrastructure, and address many of the most pressing issues with the current model. I look forward to working with the board as we grow the business and innovate the cloud storage industry.”

Prior to Equinix, Brian led global sales operations and information technology at VeriSign, a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure. Brian currently serves on the board of directors at Lumentum, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer valued at $6 billion and Talend, a cloud data integration leader valued at $1 billion.

Brian holds a Master of Science in Management from Stanford University, a Master of Science in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Montana State University.


About Storj Labs

Storj Labs provides end-to-end encrypted, affordable, distributed cloud storage that gives data ownership back to the user, instead of major corporations. The company’s open-source cloud storage platform utilizes spare disk drive space shared by its community members to create a secure network for developers, operations teams, companies, and others in need of secure cloud storage. The distributed architecture of the Storj network protects against attacks, improves reliability, increases download/upload speeds, and enhances performance when compared to many traditional cloud storage approaches.

Storj Labs also created the Tardigrade decentralized cloud service, the world’s first enterprise-grade, decentralized cloud object storage service. Tardigrade offers decentralized cloud storage that’s automatically encrypted, easily implemented, highly performant, exceptionally economical, and ridiculously resilient.

Now in production, the Tardigrade service delivers durability, performance, and security that is better than major cloud providers, at a fraction of the cost. Through the Tardigrade Open Source Partner Program, any open source projects that enable users to store data on Tardigrade via connectors will receive a portion of the revenue generated by those users.