OneTrust Launches CCPA Toll-Free Number Offering

OneTrust today announced a turn key toll-free phone number solution to help organizations comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA) toll-free number requirement. As a part of the OneTrust for CCPA suite of privacy management tools, the OneTrust CCPA Toll-Free Number solution enables companies subject to the law’s toll-free requirement to add a phone workflow into their Consumer Rights process. With OneTrust, customers can be issued a phone number, offer a fully customizable greeting and verify consumer identity to log the request. OneTrust’s Targeted Data Discovery technology can then pick up the request and automate the discovery and fulfillment of the consumer request.

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While the California Assembly voted on Sept. 13 that businesses that operate solely online and have a direct relationship with a consumer are not subject to the CCPA’s toll-free requirement (AB-1564), all other businesses are at this time still subject to this toll-free requirement. The OneTrust CCPA Toll-Free Number solution gives companies a simple way to automate and comply with the CCPA’s toll-free requirements.

OneTrust’s CCPA Toll-Free solution Integrates with OneTrust CCPA Consumer Rights & Opt-Out of Sale solutions for a scalable and efficient way to automate, process and respond to requests and OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery™ to better automate fulfilling the consumer’s request with prebuilt integrations into the business’ data systems.

“OneTrust is committed to providing the tools needed to comply with all the facets of the CCPA, and this new solution makes it easier for businesses to comply with the law’s toll-free number requirement,” said Blake Brannon, VP Product, OneTrust. “OneTrust’s CCPA Toll-Free technology provides organizations an easy and seamless way to address the toll-free requirement, allowing businesses to show consumers a commitment to the responsible use of their data. By automating this process from start to finish, OneTrust’s consumer rights solutions allow companies to easily comply with all the requirements within the CCPA.”

To learn more about how OneTrust supports the CCPA’s Toll-Free Number requirement, visit CCPA Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell Solutions and Targeted Data Discovery. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust demo, visit or email [email protected].

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